High Roller Casino

Gamblers that wager large amounts of money are referred to as high rollers or whales. The amount of money high rollers bring to the table can be anywhere between $50,000 and $500,000+. Not all casinos can accommodate such high-stakes gambling, and the volatility of the results demands that only casinos with a strong financial position undertake the role of a high roller casino.

Which are the benefits and the pitfalls of high roller casinos?

Land-based casinos like the Crown Casino in Australia or Caesars Casino in Las Vegas are some representative examples of high roller casinos. However, the majority of high roller casinos are concentrated in Macau. But land-based casinos are not the only ones that cater to high roller players. Online casinos too have different VIP memberships that are reserved only to high rollers.

All casinos that cater to the needs of their wealthy players have different comps lined up to lure players to the gambling floor. For land-based casinos these include limousine transfers or free private jet transfers, free accommodation in luxurious hotels, and many more lavish offers. High rollers don’t play with real money, but they have a credit line opened at the casino, which the casino will extend so that high rollers can keep on playing. High roller casinos also offer rebate bonuses on turnover and losses.

The lavish lifestyle, which is also enabled by high roller casinos, can make gamblers lose track of their spending, and some even commit fraud to get the funds necessary to maintain their exuberant gambling habits. There are examples of high rollers going overboard with their spending. A notable example is Terrance Watanabe, who was sued by Caesars Casino for falling to pay up on a credit line that amounted to $14.75M.

On average, high rollers only make up about 50% of a casino’s revenue, and they have a significant influence on the net income of casinos. Attracting high-stakes gamblers is not without its risks to the casino either. Sustaining the type of comps and freebies they do to attract top players implies huge expenses for the casino, and the casino’s investment can pay off if the high roller is on a losing streak, but should the high roller be on a winning streak, the casino’s expenses can be extremely high.

Online high stake players may not be met with the same lavishness as their land based casino player counterparts, but they certainly don’t miss out on exclusive promotions, special bonuses, exclusive tournaments and exclusive games with high limits when they enter the virtual doors of high roller casinos. If you want to experience the VIP treatment, most online casinos require you to meet certain wagering requirements, which are lower than those at land-based casinos. To make the most out of your high roller experience, try playing in shorter sessions and watch your credit to make sure you don’t get carried away with your bets.

High limit slot machines or high-roller slots let you play with the maximum amount of excitement and you can place a bet you are OK with. It’s up to you to determine whether you wager a few coins or you deposit a $1000 bet per spin. The reward can be huge! Be sensible, though!

Should you gamble at one of the high roller slots online casinos?

The answer of whether or not to play at high roller casinos largely depends on the budget you have available and the money you afford to gamble. If you’re just looking for a good gambling experience, you can make that happen even without being a high roller. If you want to get pampered with casino comps, then gambling at a high roller casino can certainly do the trick.

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