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PlayNow Login to Mobile Gaming CanadaMost sites that offer all forms of betting have historically been average at best. This goes back to the old saying of “Jack of all Trades, Master of None.” It’s nearly impossible be the best at everything, especially in the highly competitive industry of online betting/gambling. Fortunately for Canadians there is the gambling site PlayNow which is one of those special sites (including JackPotCity, Captain Cooks, LeoVegasWooYukon Gold) that does all things gambling with professionalism and trust.

What are the Gambling options at Play Now Online?

Let’s look at the full list then we can delve into some of the specifics for the most popular of the options.

Lottery Keno Instants Casino Live Casino
Sports Pools Poker Bingo *Promotions

*Promotions are not a category of gambling options, although what they do provide is another way to collect more money when playing a few of these games. As with most casinos there is the ubiquitous Welcome Bonus for new players. This is followed by Lottery Promos, Sports Promos, Poker Promos, and Bingo Promos. Currently there are no Casino Promos but be sure to check back in the near future as these are a big part of online casino gambling in Canada.

Lottery Games Canada

There are only a few people who have never played the Lottery. For many it’s not a daily undertaking, but when the Lottery reaches into the hundreds of million dollars, it seems as though everyone and their mother are partaking. It’s human nature and once the greed kicks in we all fantasize of what we would do if we won the huge jackpot.

The Lottery options at Play Now are plentiful and with each one being only a click away, these are some of the most popular of the gambling options. Here is a list of Canadian Lottery options.

Lotto Max Lotto 64/9 BC/49 Daily Grand Keno

Each option has its own distinct winning format, although for those who are after the onetime life changer, the Lotto Max can reach the preposterous amount of $70 million. Yes, that is $70,000,000.00!!

Casino Games – Online Slots

Online Casinos are one of the most popular forms of online gambling. And as with the land-based casinos, the Slots/Pokies are the most popular. What’s easier then pumping coins or credit into a machine and pressing a button, or in the traditional fashion, pulling that one-armed bandit.

Everyone wants to know what slots are available, so we will give you just a taste to whet your whistle for online real money play. All of these can be played in free demo mode as well.

Crazy Wizard Smokin 777 88 Fortunes *Anchorman
Book of Gods Bruce Lee Dr Jekyll Goes Wild Gremlins
Keystone Kops Maya Gold Monopoly Megaway Wheel of Fortune

*For those who are movie buffs this is the slot iteration of the hilarious comedy “Anchorman” with Will Ferrell. Be sure to check it out along with other slots based on Film and TV.

We know that casinos do not just provide slots. As with the land-based casinos which have taken a hit during COVID, here is a list of all the casino games at Play Now.

Slots Blackjack Jackpots Powerbucks
Instants Tables Free Spin Slots Video Poker

Sports Betting

Everyone once in their life has bet on Sports, especially when their local or favorite team is in a high-stakes match. Whether the World Cup, World Series, Stanley Cup, European Cup, and everything in-between, the amount of money changing hands is staggering. Fortunately, with sites such as PlayNow, there is no need to go to the local Bookie or Shylock and worry about having your legs broken.

Let’s get into more detail on what sporting events can be wagered on at Play Now Online thanks to slotaholic.


For all of you “Footballers” out there who understand that the real football is played using your feet and sometimes your head, there are Championships and Leagues which are covered on this site. These include but are not limited to:

English Premier League Italian Serie A Spanish La Liga
UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League  

Some other popular and not so popular sporting events can be bet on as well.

Australian Rules Cricket Darts Esports
Golf Handball Snooker Table Tennis

Going to the homepage of Sports provides you with a wealth of information on games/matches as well as odds and other ways to make money. It’s a great way to wager as well as just catching up on the currents games as well as the final scores.

Banking Options for deposits and withdrawals

Based in British Columbia, Canada, offers only the most secure and trustworthy methods for Deposits and Withdrawals. There are no fly by night financial institutions and every one of those listed is among the top in the industry. As always it is incumbent upon the real money player to read the terms and conditions for real money play before signing up.

American Express MasterCard Visa Interac
PayPal Webcash Online Bill Payment  

If you have any questions concerning any of these banking methods, be sure to contact them through their Live Chat.

Enjoy this Jack of all Trades online gambling site and see what all the Canadians are raving about when discussing Play Now.

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